Sail Making

High Performance Sails

Racing Sails

Custom fiber selection, layout and density, combined with custom films and sailsExclusive EL Tech is a way of making better high pressure lamination means a lighter, more durable sail.

You can benefit from a true global network of racing sailmakers, no matter where you race. As a global sailmaker, our sailing season never ends. Our racing sails are evolving in one hemisphere, while your boats may be in storage in another.

Through our real-time global network, we use technology to collaborate on design, materials testing and finish. We are never waiting to challenge what we have created, to track the evolution of our technology or to validate our designs.

For example, a boat can be measured in the US, the sail designed in Australia, reviewed in Canada, commented on in Singapore, the design modified again in New Zealand and be under construction back in the US later that same day. Thanks to our powerful global collaborative approach, some of the most experienced sailors on the planet are at your disposal, .

Cruising Sails

As a cruising sailor, you can benefit from a true global network of sailmakers. No matter where you sail or what your plans are, you will have some of the most experienced sailors on the planet at your disposal.

We have thousands of cruising miles under our collective keels and know how to build in the durability you demand without sacrificing the ease of handling you want. Cruising sails have evolved in exciting ways and you now have more options than ever before.

From Wovens to Laminates to custom Expedition Membranes, we can help you choose the right sail for your needs. If you have not purchased a new cruising sail recently, we can discuss all the pros and cons of all latest materials and features with you.

Crusing Sails 

Our Woven Polyester cruising sails offer the best balance between performance and durability at a lower price. Perfect for coastal cruising and day sailing, these are the most popular type of cruising sails for boats under 35 feet. Whether your plans include weekending or passage making, these durable sails will meet your needs.

The craftsmen at Evolution Sails have decades of experience crafting sails using every modern sailmaking technique. At Evolution our sailmakers are passionate about making better sails.